Our Journey



The Beginning

Creative ideas need imaginative minds, so when David reached out to his friend Jonathan, the two agreed to meet to brainstorm the idea at the Titchfield Mill pub over a beer. It was agreed that ‘anything is possible’ and began planning how it could be delivered.


Lesson Editor Module Released

After assembling a wonderful group of people to support the delivery of Succeedin we produced our first version of the lesson editor module. An interactive tool that would transform how lesson plans could be created, viewed, and edited. Supporting teachers in the delivery of HQPE.


Dedicated Resource Partner

Delivering such a powerful platform needed a resource partner that understood the challenges. Communication Crafts is still today one our best investments as a business and our relationship grows in strength year on year.


Progression & Assessment Module

As we evolved so did our platform, taking Succeedin to the next level by introducing an online progression and assessment module to support an enthusiastic sector. The belief that assessment could be online, interactive, and data driven became our new focus.


Sales Promotions

Creating value for our customers was pivotal as a platform, we did not celebrate our sales we celebrated the beginning of lasting relationships. Succeedin believe that behind every good product is an aligned promotion of high-quality services.


Partner Software Development

Our platform, your business. The introduction of our PSD meant that we could support other businesses to exceed their potential. Partners add meaning and value to our platform, working with other like-minded organisations only strengthened our position in the primary sector.


Registers Module

Working with one of our partners we wanted to take the platform into data collection and provide a safe and secure module to capture pupil participation whilst delivering the highest quality of safeguarding for teacher and pupils alike.


500 Schools Registered

A milestone of success, an achievement that we are still proud of to this day. Schools engaging with our services and tailoring the platform to the needs of their staff and school.


Lite Released

Creating a safe space for PE leads to use our online platform for free was key to our development. As a business we identified that supporting the role of a PE lead was key to a sustainable relationship. By giving them the tools to make their journey easier we could support them embed an educational platform of support.


Legacy Package Offering

Driven by the London 2012 Olympics legacy, we wanted to develop an offering that would support PE leads and schools in building a sustainable future. Our Legacy offering is aimed at building the school’s future allowing them to strive for outstanding in primary PE and school sport.


100,000 Lesson Plans Viewed

An achievement beyond our aspirations, knowing that we have supported the delivery of primary school PE, made impact and supported the teacher community.


Impact Report Writer

In an age of technology, we were bemused that the PESSPA impact report only warranted a word/PDF document to demonstrate the premium impact. As innovators we took it upon ourselves with no funding or support to build this national requirement online and interactive, saving our existing and new schools our of valuable time.


Organisation Modules

Our platform, your organisation! Succeedin Ltd is about supporting the network of organisations in the sector and in April 2019 our platform allowed other organisations delivering PESSPA the opportunity to join our mission.


Accredited Documents

A place where PE leads, organisations and individuals can access a variety of content from resources to research articles all in one place. Working with an LEA Manager all our free documents are verified ‘fit for purpose’ to support the PESSPA community.



Your journey, in March 2020 at the beginning of what we now know is a global pandemic we fast tracked our single user subscription to encourage individuals to engage with the platform. YourPE focuses on building an individual’s journey supporting their entire primary and coaching career.


6th Birthday

Happy Birthday to us, from an idea in a pub garden to the ‘Principal Platform’ within the PESSPA marketplace our journey has been met with highs, lows and business challenges, only making us stronger and more determined to Succeedin PE.


WLSP Engagement

In times of darkness, there can be light! Our partnership with the West Lancashire Sports Partnership is a symbol of our dedication and passion to support others. It has been an honour to work with the partnership and build a platform that can support the PESSPA legacy of their schools.


Succeedin Analytics

The core of the Succeedin Platform is built on a solid foundation of technical structure. Now with our developed platform and partnership relationships, ‘Analytics’ will be in the position to create valuable reporting insights into the impact of PESSPA.



Our new ‘simplify’ business strategy goes live.
‘Simplify’ is about offering a more attractive pricing structure, product and sales model which are all packaged in our brand new & very different website.
As the UK’s principal PE platform that supports all levels of primary PE practitioners; allowing them to succeed in PE.
We also saw the launch of the new ‘Coffee Table’ and ‘Question Time’ meetings enabling our team to bring practitioners together.