Inspired from within, best describes the
creation and development of Succeedin.

An idea to ‘Change The Game’ on how Primary schools plan, deliver, measure and record the impact on PE…

Simplify the problem

Since the beginning in 2014, our fluid approach to understand and support the planning, delivery, and impact of primary PE has always been the aim and vision with our taglines such as ‘Change the Game’ and ‘Let’s build a PE Legacy’!

Over the last 6 years the Succeedin PE platform has continually been developed with various features and functionality across its layered modular design.

With its development, the platform has flexibility meaning it can easily be adapted to meet the needs of an array of users from schools, individuals and organisations and is now the most comprehensive online PE platform in the market.

Our focus going forward is on being the ‘Principal’ platform and the ‘Leader’ in the primary sector.

Succeedin July 2014 – Present

Our Team

David Hazelgrove

Curriculum Director

I have always believed that creative ideas need imaginative minds, having worked in Primary PE, coaching and physical activity traversing over 18 years it was my time spent at Solent University where the idea and vision of Succeedin was born.

My vision for Succeedin was based on a collection of diverse experiences, ranging from primary school roles to coaching in academies. I wanted to create a safe space for PE leads and teachers to come and feel like they were supported beyond their insignificant training at University.
I believe to be successful in business you must continually strive to create rebel ideas. Especially when it comes to the Primary PE and coaching sector, looking at was does not work and trying to create innovative change within schools is key to our success.

To achieve our vision assembling a cognitively diverse group of people was key to our success, my time in the primary sector has taught me to really make change we need to have less ‘blind spots’ and ‘problem space’. To achieve great things, we needed a team of teachers, coaches, designers, business, data and IT consultants, our team spans as far as India increasing our ‘collective intelligence’. With 7 years of hard work, I genuinely believe we have created the ‘Principal Platform’ to support the primary PE sector. Something I am enormously proud of.

Jonathan Moore

Operations Director

An entrepreneurial businessman who has had a successful career since 1990 in marketing consultancy in the Solent area with marketing, design, print, supply chain and consultancy.

With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise all projects are approached with flexibility and an open-mindedness ensuring the client is looked after and the project is delivered with speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Since July 2014, has been instrumental in the delivery of Succeedin Limited’s development with project management of the proposition and developing the platform to what it is today, the most comprehensive online PE platform for the primary education sector.

Debbie Moore

Finance & Administration Director

30 years accounting experience in varied roles across a variety of industries and sectors including financial services, manufacturing and retail.

A diverse range of positions has been critical, resulting in outstanding accounting skills and specialist knowledge of procedures and reporting.

Previous to having a break to raise a family I was the Dealership Accountant for a multi franchise motor dealer in Buckinghamshire responsible for three dealerships. Working in conjunction with the General Managers I was responsible to the Divisional Financial Controller and responsible for detailed monthly management accounts including cash flows and comparisons with budget variances, the control of clerical reporting procedures, budgets and forecasts and keeping accurate records and reconciled accounts designed to show the current position of the company.

Been involved since it’s conception with Succeedin and currently responsible for all aspects of the accounting procedures and administration, delivering detailed and accurate accounts, reports and analyses as well as a day to day operational role.

Jason Colombo


Experienced Business Executive, CEO and Business Leader with over 15 years’ experience in leading and growing businesses.
Background as a successful Strategic Technology Consulting gives an ability to see opportunities and risks from a broad perspective.
Entrepreneurial approach enjoys leading change and new programmes and using experience and skills to create and leverage opportunities.

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