Our Active Playtime Planner combines physical activity and technology

Our Active Playtime Planner combines physical activity and technology, creating a STEM based approach to help you build a library of ideas that can be used in the school for years to come.

How it works?

The Active Playtime Planner Programme’s aim is to provide pupils with a ‘child centred’ approach to leading and activating your playtimes. Combining Edtech, ICT skills and practical delivery, the programme will allow pupils to plan, deliver and manage their own games at playtimes, whilst connecting a variety of cross-curricular skills such as literacy, numeracy, ICT and PSHE.
One of our team will come in and work with your pupils taking them online with the Succeedin platform where we will support you and the pupils in the planning, building and delivering of physical activity ideas that include;

Creating content, using outstanding ideas and the STEP principle

Activity design, using our lesson editor

Videos links, either of your pupils explaining the games or using our suite of video content to support the games

The Succeedin platform provides a library to store the content allowing you to access and share with pupils and staff beyond the premium

Practical training to support either lunchtime staff or pupils

Editing suite, pupils who come through the school will be able to edit the ideas and and continue to add to the resource bank

Why use the Succeedin Active Playtime Planner?

Your school will build a vault of ideas that can be used in years to come making the programme a sustainable and worthy spend of the PESSPA premium. All lessons will stay on the platform giving you the autonomy to adapt and progress as your pupils do. We want to give you the fluidity and control to think beyond the premium.

How much does is cost?

An introductory offer of £500.00 for the first 50 schools across the UK, which sees the Active Playtime Planner delivered over two days into your school.

To find out more!

Book a Zoom Consultation & Demonstration at a time that suites you.