My Top Four

Brand: Pepsi Cola
Retailer: Amazon
Film: The Green Mile
Likes: Seaside

An entrepreneurial businessman running a successful marketing consultancy which services businesses in the Solent area and home counties with marketing, design, print, supply chain and consultancy; and having been working in this industry since 1997  has developed a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. With enthusiasm, flexibility and an open-minded approach to any problem or requirement; I have always been able to ensure the client is looked after and ensure that the task is delivered with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

My major achievement was the development of Kodak’s world largest single installation of Nexpress digital presses, in spite of antipathy from just about everyone else. The business had an order book worth in excess of £50m; this collimated to business presentations being undertaken for Kodak in Tokyo & Osaka, Japan for 600 Japanese businessmen on the subject of Digital Print Pioneering.

Since July 2014, I have been instrumental in the delivery of Succeedin Limited’s development with project management of the proposition and bringing together the current board of directors and executive team to the present date.

When not working I enjoy living down on the south coast with my partner and our four wonderful children and taking advantage of walking the family dog along the beach.