My Top Four

Brand: F1
Retailer: Asda
Film: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Likes: Disaronno

Originally a freelance business strategy consultant in the use of technology within large corporates, I started my first company (C&C NetSoft) in 1997, taking the role of Business Development Director and board member. Following a period of rapid growth I led the merger of this into the parent company (C&C Technology).

Then a board member and Business Development Director of the newly merged parent company, I was a key influencer of the development and growth of the business which eventually led to the MBO of this business (2003) from the original group that it was part of. I then took up role as CEO and re-shaped the business which ultimately led the sale of this into Team Telecom Group (TTG) in 2011, where I developed the business plan to evolve C&C into a leader in critical systems, communications and applications.

After a number of years of strong growth I was invited to be a TTG Group Board member, and took the role of CEO of the newly formed Affini business, that included two further acquisitions. During 2014 Affini business was valued at over £30m, demonstrating that I have the ability to lead businesses and design and deliver growth plans.