My Top Four

Brand: Adidas
Team: Liverpool
Film: Shawshank Redemption
Likes: Running

I have now been coaching and working in schools for 15 years. I currently work as a School Games Organiser (SGO) in a Secondary Special Needs school delivering competition, CPD and lessons to the surrounding primary schools.

I hold a number of Level 2 qualifications and am constantly looking for ways to improve my knowledge of PE and sport. This year I am studying for a Level 5 in Primary PE Specialism and completing my FA Youth award.

In addition to my SGO work I coach an U15 Football team and deliver a number of Football fitness sessions to local youth footballers. In my spare time I enjoy running over a variety of distances and am just about to take part in my second marathon.

Sport has given me a lot of positive things in life and I truly believe sport has the ability to change lives. Children are far more likely to be lifelong learners and participants if they take part in high quality PE and school sport at a young age.