My Top Four

Brand: Converse
Retailer: H&M
Film: Bourne trilogy
Likes: Any sport

Having worked in the education sector for the past 16 years David has gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the delivery of primary PE. During his 16 years he has owned his own coaching company, worked full time as a Primary PE coach in a 5 form entry Junior School and supported the growth of a football club in the community and academy department.

His current role at a university is to support local schools and teachers in the development of staff in primary PE. It was during this time that he came up with the idea of creating an online system that supported both teacher’s and children’s development in primary PE.

His vision was to create a teaching tool that had the teachers ‘fear’ of PE at the heart of the system. Today this vision has become an ongoing product that is evolving every day with enormous momentum.