My Top Four

Film: Goodfellas
Book: The Chimp Paradox
Brand: Apple
Likes: Bristol City FC and red wine

I am an experienced senior manager and leader, in a range of secondary and all phase schools, having joined teaching shortly after graduating from Southampton University. I have also sought the best possible professional development and have also undertaken a post-graduate degree alongside several professional qualifications. This culminated in being awarded Master’s degree in education leadership and professional development. My involvement with Succeedin was sparked by the genuine need for high quality education products and the opportunities the business provides to improve the experience of children and young people.

I have been married for 15 years and have two wonderful, if contrasting, children; Lily (11) and Solomon (8). They have a wide range of interests and often provide wonderful insights into the world of education and life itself!

Outside of my business and working lives I am a passionate supporter of Bristol City FC and manage an Under 9 mini-soccer team; with varying success!

I am excited by the opportunities Suceedin provide to improve the outcomes for children and it is my pleasure to work with such a dedicated and talented team.