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What was your first introduction to sport, which sport was it and at what age?
I got into sport very young, probably because my parents lead sporty and healthy lifestyles. I started swimming at a young age as they felt this was an important skill to have and then I went along to a trampolining session which my friend had been doing which was in a gym, and I enjoyed it but it was a bit slow paced and I couldn’t stop watching the gymnasts flipping around on the floor and apparatus and wanted to be able to do that. On my 6th birthday I had my first session at the gym and have been at the club ever since.

How has sport motivated you as an individual?
Sport has given me motivation in everything I do, which keeps growing as I get older! Sport, especially gymnastics, makes you grow up very quick in terms of learning the life lessons and it defiantly made me so motivated in everything I do inside and outside of the gym. I have always had to be very motivated in my school work to make sure I get that done and don’t get behind, and so now that just comes naturally to me! It’s made me enjoy hard work because I know that hard work is how you achieve your goals and is what makes you the best person you can be.

Having been coached by some of our team, how have they helped you (personally)?
I always knew university was going to be tough with training 30+ hours a week and being away so much, but the team at solent have been so supportive in helping me manage it. I have regular meetings to make sure they know what’s going on/ coming up and can always contact them when I need something or have a question. I also receive physio services like deep tissue therapy from them most weeks to help my recovery and financial support to help with the costs of training and competition. It’s great to have this kind of support behind you.

What did you enjoy about the coaching you were given as a child (fun, challenging, progression etc)?
I have been so lucky to have had such amazing coaches in my career so far. When I was younger gymnastics was always for fun and there was never any ‘goal’ when I was little, it was purely for enjoyment. I think that’s important when your starting off, if you don’t enjoy it then as you get older, and especially on the hard days, it’s going to make it so much tougher to stay motivated if you don’t love what you do. Now as I’ve got older, obviously the coaching has changed and me and my coaches have goals we want to achieve, so it can be very intense, but we still enjoy being in the gym and it is still fun and something that I love.

How has sport helped you with your academic studies?

It’s given me the motivation to want to do well in everything I do. I am able to transfer the motivation I have for gymnastics to my work, so even though I have less time than other people to do my studies, it’s taught me to manage my time effectively and make sure every piece of work I do is to my best. It also gives you a huge amount of discipline. I honestly don’t think I would have done as well in school if I didn’t have gymnastics.

What are you studying and why have you chosen that?

I am studying applied sports science at solent university. I love learning about the many different aspects of sport and the body and how it functions. It’s also all so relatable to what I do! I would like to have a job involved in sport when I’m older.

Why you want to support succeedin and what kind of opportunity will it offer children?
Succeedin looks to be a great company to help improve the opportunities children will get from school sport and I would love to be a part of this team to try and help inspire children to try sport. I think sport teaches children so much and so many lessons they can use for the rest of their lives- it would be great if every child could try more sport.

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