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What was your first introduction to sport, which sport was it and at what age?
First introduction was football a very long time ago just kicking a ball around my garden then when to summer coaching courses with dave and went on from there.

How has sport motivated you as an individual?
Motivated me to do something with my life that I love and that I enjoy, constantly giving me goals and targets for myself.

Having been coached by some of our team, how have they helped you (personally)?
Coached by dave at a young age, helped develop as a player as always forced me to play with my weaker foot which has really benefited me as I’ve developed!

What did you enjoy about the coaching you were given as a child (fun, challenging, progression etc)?
I enjoyed their coaching as it was fun yet challenging and and always felt that I was getting better as a player and as a person!

What are you studying and why have you chosen that?

Not studying.

Why you want to support succeedin and what kind of opportunity will it offer children?
I want to support succeedin as I think it will give great opportunity for children to develop their skills in different sport with more specialised training and potentially uncover some hidden talents!

19 Years
Southampton FC
Adam Lallana