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What was your first introduction to sport, which sport was it and at what age?
I first got introduced to sport when I was 4 years old in my first year of Primary School when I joined an after school club called Team Elite run by Dave Hazelgrove. This started as a multi-sport club which introduced me to football. I then continued to participate in this club as it developed a focus on football.

How has sport motivated you as an individual?
Personally, sport became a passion from the moment I was introduced to it at an early age. It has taught me many social qualities including co-operation skills and communication skills. As I’ve grown up playing, sport has given me a hard working ethic through training which also helps me with my educational studies giving me determination to succeed.

Having been coached by some of our team, how have they helped you (personally)?
Dave Hazelgrove has been a key feature in my passion and development for football. He has coached me from a young age teaching me the core skills of the game. As years went on, he not only taught me the technical skills of the game but also the psychological and social factors like good sportsmanship. Dave supported me from day one and I personally believe he has had a massive part to play regarding where I am today in terms of sport and football.

What did you enjoy about the coaching you were given as a child (fun, challenging, progression etc)
As a child, enjoyment was a key factor about the coaching I received which boosted my growing love for the game. Participating in fun and varied sessions was something I benefitted from. I enjoyed the practical involvement and respectful atmosphere between the coaches and players from a young age. Also the coaching I was given was challenging which developed my motivation to achieve. This was combined with a focus of progression helped me to get the best out of my ability.

How has sport helped you with your academic studies?
Sport has given me many personal qualities which help with life outside of sport including my academic studies. Motivation is an important skill I’ve learned which influences me to work hard and achieve. This includes coursework and revision for exams as I aim to succeed the best I can in everything. Sport has also influenced me to be organised with good time management which helps with my academic studies.

What are you studying and why have you chosen that?

I am studying A-Levels at college. A-Level PE, English Language and Leisure Studies as well as completing my CSLA certificate (Community Sports Leader Award). I have chosen these because I find them challenging and interesting and they will help me get to University where I hope to go on to study Sports Development and Coaching.

Why you want to support succeedin and what kind of opportunity will it offer children?
I want to support succeedin because it will supply a strong support system for the future of Physical Education. This is a passion of mine therefore I am pleased to be a part of it and contribute to the development. It will offer many opportunities for children allowing them to enjoy their Physical Education with varied practical and theory lessons. They will be encouraged to stay active and given opportunities to improve their ability and understanding of different sports. I also believe that introducing children to sport at a young age is most effective because they will start learning and progressing straight away and grow up with sport as a part of their life.

18 Years
Portsmouth Football Club
David Beckham