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I was introduced to sport from a very young age. I have an older brother who loved to play football so from that, I always wanted to play.

I believe that sport has given me the opportunity to strive towards something I want in my life. I feel I have become more driven as well as gaining more confidence in daily life.

Being coached by members of the team was good for my development. They continued to keep pushing me and ensured I was being challenged.

I enjoyed the challenge. I was always one of the only girls and competing against the boys made it very difficult but pushed me to be better. The coaching was fun and they made every time I went enjoyable!

Sports has aided me greatly in my academic work. It has given me drive and desire to be the best I can be.

I’m currently in the process of completing a-levels in French, P.E and leisure tourism. These are areas of my education that I enjoy and I intend to us them in my future career.

I feel it is important that young children are taught sports from a young age. Succeedin will provide children with the knowledge of having a healthy lifestyle and enjoyable pe lessons.

18 Years
Thierry Henry