Special Education Needs (SEN)

Succeedin is taking considerable care to ensure that our PE lessons plans have sufficient detail and information to support and cover SEN needs. By working with leading disability and inclusion consultants our lessons provide the necessary information to enable teachers to provide equal learning opportunities. Each one has been adapted to the differing needs of pupils, making learning less challenging and accessible to all.

Our plans are divided into the five sections shown below, using simple icons to identify the varying needs of students. Within the lesson plans we use the STEP(s) principle to modify the lesson so that it is accessible and achievable for all; change the Space, Task / Time, Equipment, People / Position and be safe, aim for success and achieve smiles!

physical-disabilities-wheelchairPhysical Disabilities – Wheelchair Users

physical-disabilities-AmbulantPhysical Disabilities – Ambulant

sensory-impairmentsSensory Impairments – Visual and Hearing

social-behavioural-difficultiesSocial and Behavioural Difficulties

moderate-learning-difficultiesModerate Learning Difficulties

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