The PE Suite and Succeedin have formed a working partnership to bring you a complete product that will enable you to deliver an outstanding approach to primary Physical Education. This collaboration aims to consolidate the management of P.E. for the P.E. lead by giving schools the capacity for rigorous data collection to show accurate accountable evidence with Legacy Impact reporting, online registers to track participation and online assessment.

This will also enrich the teaching experience for all staff by providing innovative video resources underpinned by high quality planning, to make the modelling and delivery of P.E. easy for teachers, whilst being highly engaging for the children. All of this is driven by research-based knowledge that enables us to continually ensure our product is of the highest standard.

David Hazelgrove – Succeedin Co-Founder

We are so excited to be partnering with The PE Suite and Vanessa King. From the moment Vanessa and I started talking it was clear that not only did we share the same values and ethos when it comes to primary PE & School Sport we both agreed that each other’s products were the perfect fit for each other and since that initial meeting we have implemented a very in-depth process to ensure that our enterprise propels us into the 2018 – 2019 academic year.

We hear a lot about other online products exclaiming how they can help you; well I can hand on heart say that the combination of our two systems will make us the No.1 platform in the UK for primary Physical Education leads, teaching staff, governors to consider to be used in their schools.

Vanessa King – The PE Suite, Director

I’ve supported hundreds of teachers by mentoring them to improve their subject knowledge and confidence in delivering Primary PE.

They find the use of The PE Suite videos an excellent way to take away the barrier of having to model skills for all areas of P.E. and to enable the children to easily use them as an initial stimulus to create their own ideas for dance and gymnastics for example or to understand how to develop new skills and tactics for games. All areas of P.E. are covered by The PE Suite programme to ensure teachers can easily plug their gaps in knowledge and deliver the curriculum with ease.

However, in supporting many P.E. Managers in schools, the number one message I hear time and time again is just how much work is involved in trying to manage the subject with all its requirements: managing clubs, planning, assessment, festivals, competitions, play leaders etc. and whilst trying to achieve high standards such as kitemark status. This is where Succeed in provides the ideal solution as it manages all the data needed for kitemark, Ofsted, governors etc and it genuinely makes the job of the P.E. lead more manageable. This enables the planning, assessment and management tool for P.E to be combined which makes everything far easier to manage.

Combining The PE Suite and Succeedin really does give a school everything it could possibly need to provide not just a full curriculum and assessment tool, but also a data capturing evidence system that is second to none.

Since I have met the Succeedin team it has been clear to me the dedication and devotion to wanting to improve P.E. for primary school children is what drives them and why working together is a partnership that I truly believe in.

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