Content Provider

As our Platform has evolved and developed we now have other organisation as ‘Content Providers’ having their subject content delivered using our online (SaaS) platform as it offers the ability to easily publish content to their audience and have the flexibility to update at a click of a button.

Whether you are an organisation wanting to provide PE as a service, the Department of Education or a School wanting to build a curriculum then to plan, deliver and measure your PE, our Platform is ideally positioned and available for you to use.  With the ease of adapting our template structure subject content such as Numeracy & Mathematics, Racism, SEN and Nutrition are being delivered through our offering.

To support organisations who have their own content we offer two options where their content to be published either on the main Succeedin platform or through a white labelling solution so ensuring the integrity of the organisations brand; where required we have the ability to integrate with other publishing mechanism.

So get in touch and speak to our Projects Team who will be pleased to help and will scope the needs and provide a full schedule of costs and delivery.

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